How to find a high quality of paper in China

How can we product a box even though we don’t coat 300g of paper? 

Generally, we can’t help using or coating special paper. 

We just think that we definitely need to coat the paper.

We have found more gorgeous types of paper that is not very white but slightly ivory.

This is part of special paper, but it is not very expensive compared to general paper.


Less than 300g of this paper is not produced, but color is totally different.


This is the customized paper, so it is very hard to see in China.

If we order more than 50 tons of this paper, manufactures can produce it. 

(In that respect, there are many good things in China) 

We purchase very special paper at a more reasonable price and produce a box.


It is not easy to find something in China.

If we can’t find something in Alibaba, we just get into Baidu. 

If we can’t, we should run around on our own two feet to find paper.


We should only run around on our own two feet in order to find something in China 

as if our feet did sweat a lot…


If you need this paper, please feel free to contact us.

If you tell us how much you need, we can control the quantity of paper

when we place an order. 

If you use less than 10 tons of paper, we can always have them.